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Task Overview Header

The Tasks Overview Header displays the following:

  • Task ID
  • Activity
  • Asset, click the link or View to go to the associated asset. Click the Summary icon to view the summary.
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Start Date
  • Stop Date
  • Complete Task, click when the task is complete.
  • Enter Resources, click to add the resources used for the task to calculate the cost of the work and update material inventories.
  • Total Cost is the total of the Labor, Equipment, Material, and Other costs.
  • Productivity:
    • The Cost per Unit is the Total  cost divided by the amount listed in the Completed Units field.    
    • In order for the Productivity calculation to run, in the Activities library the Unit must be set.
    • The Completed Units field is part of the Task Details.
  • Labor, Equipment, Material, and Other cost for the completed task with entered resources.


  • Click the splitter to show or hide the overview header.       
  • Most fields update in real-time while editing.       
  • Calculated fields update when you Save the changes.
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