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About Time Sheets

The time sheet is the location for entering Labor, Equipment, Material, and Other resource data for each Task performed and view a Task list.

  • Tasks display on Time sheets for the signed in user if:
  • If the Task’s status is In Progress or Planned.
  • The Task has an Assigned Labor entry associated to this User Account.
  • The Task has Labor Log entries with a labor record associated to this User Account.
  • Current date falls within the Task Actual Start and Actual Stop dates.
  • Signed in users can use the Add Me button to add an entry to the labor log using the labor entry which is associated to the currently signed in user. 
  • If the Actual Start or Stop date does not exist, the system uses the Estimated Start or Stop date.
  • If the Task does not have any dates, the Task always displays on the Task list.
  • Click iTimeSheetEnterResources_sm.png on the Breadcrumb bar or the Task List view to open Time sheets to view your Task list or enter resources.
  • With Stock materials the Location field is required.


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