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Work Order Equipment Summary

This feature requires a Cartegraph OMS license.

The Equipment summary is available in the Work Order’s Detail view Equipment section.

This section displays the following for all Equipment associated to the Work Order or listed in a log entry:

  • Equipment Count is the total number of Equipment items associated to the Work Order.       
  • Total Equipment Cost is the sum of all Equipment costs logged on the Tasks associated to the Work Order. The value is rounded up.       
  • Total Tasks is the sum of the Tasks with Equipment usage logged.       
  • Per Task Count is the average cost of Equipment per task, Total Cost/Total Tasks. The amount is rounded up.       
  • Equipment list are Equipment items assigned to any Task associated to the Work Order or have a log entry:       
  • Number of Tasks is the number of Tasks that piece of Equipment is assigned to.       
  • Total Usage of the piece of Equipment with its units.       
  • Total Cost the piece of Equipment has logged against Tasks associated to this Work Order. The amount is rounded up.
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