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Cartegraph Campus

Structure Changes: Cartegraph Spring 2019 to Fall 2019



Scenario Projects

  • Child recordset to Scenarios
  • Table: pwpScenarioProjects
  • Fields:
    • ID
      • Text
      • Auto Number
      • Required
      • System
    • Unique
    • Project Name
      • Text (Max 75)
      • System
    • Required
  • Converted
    • Checkbox
    • System



Requests New Field:

  • Integration ID is a Text type with 120 Characters max and is Optional

Scenarios New Field:

  • Move Budget Surplus to Next Plan Year is a Checkbox type

Scenarios/Plan Years New Field:

  • Budget Surplus is a Currency type and Read-only


Scenarios/Activity List New Field

  • Scenario Project is a Lookup to Scenario Projects -> ID

Tasks New Field

  • Scenario is a Lookup to Scenarios -> ID
  • Estimated Cost is Currency type

Work Orders New Fields

  • Scenario is Lookup type to Scenarios -> ID