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Updates and Enhancements: Cartegraph Fall 2019

The Cartegraph Fall 2019 release is here, and if this star lineup of updates and enhancements doesn't get you excited—nothing will. Addressing 10 user ideas with nearly 40 votes, we're giving you the power to duplicate automations, simplify your complex utility networks, create work orders from Scenario Builder projections, and more. 

# Duplicate Automations

Know how you're not supposed to get gremlins wet? Because, if you do, they'll start multiplying like crazy and eventually break into a choreographed rendition of New York, New York? Well, now you have the power to do just that—except with automations! Duplicate your favorite automations, make a few tweaks, and let the system do the heavy lifting for you. 

  • The new Duplicate Automation action allows you to efficiently create similar automations without starting from scratch.
  • Create a copy of an existing automation and then easily edit only what is needed.
  • Duplicate from the List or Detail view.

Three cheers for Christine Watson with the City of Rosemount, MN! She was the first to submit this bright idea!

# Support of ArcGIS Utility Network Associations

This one is for all our water, sewer, storm,  gas, electric, and telecom utilities out there. Your networks may be complex, but that doesn't mean visualizing and managing your assets has to be. With the new release, Cartegraph now officially supports your ArcGIS utility network associations, making mapping, maintaining, and analyzing your assets a breeze. 

  • Easily associate Cartegraph records to ArcGIS utility networks.
  • ArcGIS utility networks maintain connectivity between assets when location updates are made, so use the new association to maintain the integrity of the utility network in both Cartegraph and Esri.
  • Stay up to date with Esri's industry standards by using Utility Networks in ArcGIS Pro. Learn more about utility networks from Esri.
  • A new subtype association feature allows associating a feature class with multiple subtypes to multiple Cartegraph recordsets.

# Scenario Builder Projects

You crushed that pavement plan. You wowed council with your Scenario Builder projections and received budget approval. Now what? With Cartegraph Fall 2019, go from plan to planned in just a few clicks. Quickly turn your scenarios into projects and those projects into work orders—associated tasks and all. 

  • Break up and group scenario results into different projects to plan out and execute on the recommended work.
  • Convert projects into work orders with associated tasks for each activity, with the click of a button.
  • Track estimated activity costs on each task and compare against the actual cost once the work is complete.
  • In a new Project tab in the scenario map, easily select activity records from the map and add them to or remove them from a project.
  • The new View tab in the scenario map allows you to review and print specific projects.

# Scenario Builder Budget Surplus

There's nothing worse than leaving money on the table. Now, with Scenario Builder's latest enhancement, you'll never have to! Carry any unspent budget from one given year to the next. Improve the accuracy of your projections and have a clearer understanding of how tax dollars will be spent. 

  • Each scenario can use surplus money to enhance the scenario results.
  • Use leftover money from one plan year to the next.
  • Turn this option on or off as needed for each scenario.

Incoming Webhooks

If you thought outgoing webhooks were cool, then we're about to blow your mind. Automatically drive workflows within Cartegraph based on external triggers. Is there a 60 percent chance of rain tomorrow? Cartegraph can "listen" and automatically reschedule all your street sweeping tasks for another day. The possibilities are endless.

  • Incoming webhooks are now supported along with outgoing webhooks to allow for even more integration opportunities.
  • Bring outside functionality into Cartegraph to trigger actions that improve your day-to-day workflows.
  • Here's another bright idea to try: set up an email parser by Zapier to look through emails from citizens to create requests.

Cartegraph One App Updates

Did you know we've had five mobile app updates released for Cartegraph One since the Spring 2019 release? That's right. With the help of your 12 ideas and 27 votes, we've been able to make all the enhancements below. Wondering if it's time to switch from Cartegraph for iPad to Cartegraph One? Check out this real-time feature comparison chart.  

  • 6 additional asset types available in Capture.
  • Enter and view Advanced Inspections and Condition Details. 
  • Create and view child and grandchild records for Tasks and Assets.
  • Asset relationships can be honored when asset records are created as well as viewed.
  • Updates to the tablet home screen take advantage of the extra screen space to view the map and either the Task list or Layer panel at the same time.
  • Multiple resource entry updates including:
    • Custom fields
    • Advanced resources support
    • Quantity on hand for stocked materials
    • Equipment rate defaults to standard

# Additional Updates

  • Manage import and export jobs for other users, including automated jobs.
  • Create filters and gadgets more effectively utilizing new date filter options that honor timelines. For more information, see Filter Operator Properties.
  • Added support for GIS associations to Feature Services published from ArcGIS Pro.

Platform Updates

  • Added support for Windows Server 2019
  • Added support for iOS 13 for Cartegraph for iPad and Cartegraph One
  • Added support for Android 10.0 for Cartegraph One
  • Dropped support for Android 5.0 for Cartegraph One


# Customer Requested Feature

+ Requires an ArcGIS Named User License

Some of these features may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have a feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at