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Upgrade Notes: Cartegraph OMS Winter 2018 to Spring 2018

New Standard Reports

  • Request Detail with Map
  • Task Summary with Map
  • Work Order Detail with Map

Other Miscellaneous Changes

Linked all existing gadgets to a Cartegraph Default gadget (if it matches exactly), or created a new library gadget to link to. In the end, all gadgets on a user's dashboard are now linked to a library gadget as well.

Archiving is toggled on for all normal recordsets and libraries.

System settings which control the collection of Salesforce data are now flagged as internal.

Structure Updates


System Structure

Shared Gadgets:

  • SharedGadgets Table
  • SharedGadgetRelationships Table as a child of SharedGadgets
  • cgShape—Spatial Indexes, Updated Tessallation Scheme to Geography_Auto_Grid


A child recordset under Requests with the following fields:

  • Submitted Date (Date/Time)
  • Comment (Memo)
  • Requester (Lookup to Requester Library)
  • Public (Yes/No)
  • Integration ID (Integer)

From Structure Manager select Requests and then Comments. Comments comes with some fields.

  • This field is not automatically added in any layouts by default.
  • There is an option to set as internal or external.
  • All notifications about the activity in SCF are managed in SCF and should come from there instead of OMS via Notification Manager or Automation Manager.
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