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Updates and Enhancements: Cartegraph Spring 2019

It's the moment you've been waiting for: the Cartegraph Spring 2019 release is ready and waiting to help you capture data, analyze it, and prepare for the future. Addressing 79 Ideas Portal votes, these enhancements aim to improve your data integrity, make it easier to interact with your Scenario Builder projections, streamline your mobile inspections, and more. 

# Activity-Based Layouts

Navigating around unrelated fields doesn't exactly "spark joy." Which is why we Marie Kondo-ed the heck out of task layouts. From this point forward, Cartegraph will help your team laser focus on their work, only displaying data that's important to each user at that moment. The result? Efficient data entry, improved data integrity, and best of all—happier crews. 

  • View a Task Detail screen focused on the job at hand, for desktop and mobile apps.
  • Build Task Detail layouts specific to activity and asset combinations.
  • Filter custom sections to contain only the desired activity and asset combinations.
  • Copy and paste the combinations across custom sections.

Excited about this new feature? Take a moment and mentally fist bump Tim Ernest with Arlington County, VA for the bright idea. 

* # Manage Scenario Results in the Map 

With your feedback, Scenario Builder just keeps getting better. Select multiple records at once, and refine and lock scenarios right from the map. Quickly interpret your data, easily tweak and rerun your scenarios for more accurate and actionable results, and print those final projections for your next big meeting. 

  • Manage and refine scenario results directly in the scenario map.
  • Use new and improved tools to efficiently select desired records.
  • Change suggested activities and/or plan years for selected records.
  • Lock suggested or edited activities and rerun the scenario to see how the changes affect your overall budget and OCI gain.

* # Scenario Builder Budget Updates

It's like the more money we come across, the more problems we see. Keep all your budgets in check and improve the precision of your Scenario Builder projections by fine-tuning how much money can be spent out of each budget category by year. More accurate budgets. More precise capital improvement plans. More satisfied taxpayers. 

  • Configure Scenario budgets by plan year.
  • Build more effective scenarios by adjusting your budgets per plan year.
  • Supply an initial amount for each Budget Category, and then fine tune each year's amount accordingly. 


With this release, Cartegraph is officially one step closer to becoming self-aware. Tapping into the power of Zapier,, and IFTTT, Cartegraph can now listen for changes inside your software, and automatically trigger an action in another app. With 1,000+ apps to choose from, the possibilities are endless. 

#^ Inspection Date Default

Focus more on the work that matters and confidently meet compliance with this small, but mighty, enhancement. Inspection dates will now automatically populate with today's date, speeding up your mobile data entry and improving accuracy. 

  • When starting an Inspection, the Inspection Start Date defaults to Today, if there is no Actual Start Date on the Task.
  • Improves data entry efficiency.
  • Available on desktop and mobile apps.

Here's looking at you, David Twenge with the City of Albany, OR. Thanks for the suggestion

Additional Updates

  • # Make Locked for Maintenance optional during structure changes in Structure Manager, GIS Integrations, and Asset Administration.
  • ^ Those with Cartegraph and Esri Level 1 accounts are now able to view ArcGIS Online and Portal associated assets in Cartegraph One.
  • #^ Efficiently select Laborers and Labor Crews with keyboard navigation when assigning and adding as a resource.


^ Platform Updates

  • Support of Esri 10.7
  • Support of iOS 12.2


# Customer Requested Feature

* Requires advanced functionality purchase

+ Requires an ArcGIS Named User License

^ Available for Cartegraph AMS