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Updates and Enhancements: Cartegraph Spring 2020

We’re super excited to announce the Cartegraph Spring 2020 release. From dashboard gadget and price quote updates to simplified key date entry and—drum roll, please—request management in Cartegraph One, we’ve worked hard all winter to help you kick your high-performance operations into overdrive.

Dashboard Gadget Updates

The gang’s all here, folks. Compare multiple labor, equipment, material, and other costs in a single bar or column chart—and use your supercharged gadgets to make smarter decisions for your team, department, and community.

  • Select up to eight Measured By fields in a bar or column chart gadget type.
  • Measure data by similar field types to visually compare totals.
  • Start using immediately with two new default gadgets available in the Gadget Library
    • Resource Costs by Department for Tasks Completed this Month 
    • Resource Costs by Department for WO's Completed YTD
  • Existing bar and column chart gadget types can be edited to take advantage of this update.
  • With the Spring 2020 Service Pack, bar and column chart gadgets are more flexible and no longer require a Group By.

Key Date Update

Wish you had one less thing to do? Boom. Now you can update key date fields without creating a task. Simply enter the Install, Replace, or Retire date manually—or import the data directly from ArcGIS—to start managing your assets more effectively and efficiently.

  • Easily add and update key date fields on any asset without using a task.
  • This update includes populating these fields by importing data or syncing with GIS.
  • The system still supports populating key date fields with a corresponding task but is no longer required.
  • Remove confusion around when an asset is replaced, now that the Replace date is no longer populated with the initial Install date.

Use Material Price Quotes for Non-stock Items

Everyone likes having options. Ping-pong or foosball. Dark roast or light roast. Tacos or taco pizza. That’s why you can now choose between multiple price quotes for non-stock materials. Whether you select a vendor based on price per unit, jobsite proximity, or material availability, you’ll have easy access to accurate and up-to-date resource data.

  • Quickly add material costs to a task for non-stocked items by using Price Quotes.
  • While entering resources, if a vendor is selected for a non-stock material, the price is now populated if there is a valid price quote in the system.
  • The primary vendor is still the default selection, but easily select a different vendor with a price quote and the price updates automatically.

Cartegraph Engage is Here

Build your own in-app content with Cartegraph Engage—from tutorials and tooltips to surveys and support materials—and deliver customized training right when your employees need it most. Use guides and analytic tools to boost engagement, eliminate learning curves, and better understand how your team uses Cartegraph every day.

  • Train and onboard your employees right in the system with in-app guides.
  • Create content that is specific to your organzation's workflows and processes.
  • Track usage and adoption of the system and find out where there may be pain points or areas of improvement.

To learn more reasons why you need Cartegraph Engage, check out Cartegraph Engage Features.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • The character limit for attachment links has increased to 2000 for a more flexible experience. 
  • We love receiving product feedback from our customers like you, so that's why we added access to the Ideas Portal right in the Resource Center. No matter where you are in the desktop version of Cartegraph, open the Resource Center and click on Ideas to view, vote on, subscribe to, or add your own.

Cartegraph One App Updates

With 125  Ideas Portal votes—and numerous calls, emails, and elbow jabs—we heard you loud and clear. You can now manage Requests in the field with Cartegraph One. That’s right, you officially have the power to create, edit, and view requests on any of your supported mobile devices. We know. We’re excited, too.

  • Add request layers to easily view requests on the map, in the list, and in detail.
  • Edit request details and requesters.
  • Easily create tasks from a request.
  • Create requests for existing, new, or anonymous requesters.
  • Eliminate duplicated records by checking for existing requests while creating, and add a requester to it.
  • Create requesters right in the app.

Platform Updates

  • Support of ArcGIS 10.8
  • Support of the AWS GovCloud
  • Support of SQL Data Encryption at Rest
  • Support of SQL Server 2019

Some of these features may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have a feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at