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How to Move and Update Scheduled Tasks for AGL

For Internal Use Only

As part of the upgrade to v19, we have moved the four default scheduled tasks from Windows Task Scheduler to be part of the OMS application directly. Those are: 

  • Cartegraph Asset Condition Recalculator 
  • Cartegraph GIS Synchronizer 
  • Cartegraph Preventative Maintenance Processor 
  • Cartegraph Repeating Work Order Creator 

After the upgrade is complete, you need to update the new Morning and Evening process times in the OMS site. You can find those by going to the Administration page and then to Scheduled Process Log. 

  • The morning process time is for the Preventative Maintenance and Repeating Work Orders. It will allow you to set a time between 4 and 8 AM in 15-minute increments. The default is 4 AM. This time is based on the client's time zone. 
  • The evening process time is for the Asset Condition Recalculator and GIS synch. It will allow you to set a time between 9 PM and 3:30 AM in 15-minute increments. The default is 11 PM. This time is based on the app server's (3-tier) or web server's time zone (2-tier), depending on the site configuration.  Also, these two can be run on demand if needed. 

Once the times are set, each process (morning and evening ) will start at those times and run to completion. Errors will show in Error Log and/or the Scheduled Process Log page. 

After updating these settings, you can remove these previous scheduled tasks from Task Scheduler. Any tasks still using the Background Data Exchanger or Scheduled Notifications need to stay as those are scheduled to be migrated into OMS in the next version (v20). 

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