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About Condition Groups

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This functionality is found in the Cartegraph Administration>Asset Condition Manager.

  • A Condition Group establishes the point an asset is considered below the minimum acceptable condition or failure point. Assign an asset to a condition group based on the filter.
  • When an asset reaches its minimum condition, it is considered to have no remaining life. The Act Before field displays the date an asset’s OCI goes below the minimum index as defined by the asset's assigned Condition Group.
  • The Minimum Index is the lowest point at which the condition is deemed acceptable. If the index calculation results in a value lower than this, the condition is unacceptable.
  • Minimum Rating identifies the rating of the minimum index.
  • The filter text lets you define the group of assets a Condition Group applies to. You cannot enter anything in the Filter Text field. This field displays the results of the advanced filter you create. For example, roadways with the same functional classification may have the same minimum acceptable condition. Create a Pavement condition group named Rural Arterial. Click Filter and create the filter Functional Classification is equal to Rural Arterial.

For Sign Condition Groups, additional fields are available to set the asset's minimum acceptable condition based on sign retroreflectivity ratings. Fields include Minimum Legend Ra, Minimum Background Ra, and Minimum Contrast Ratio.