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About Prediction Groups

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This functionality is found in the Asset Condition Manager.

  • Prediction Groups allows a user to maintain asset performance curves.
  • Performance curves track asset deterioration for individual condition categories over time.
  • The deterioration data is stored in prediction groups. You assign an asset to a prediction group based on the filter.
  • The filter text lets you define the group of assets a Prediction Group applies to. You cannot enter anything in the Filter Text field. This field displays the results of the advanced filter you create. For example, pipes made of the same type of material, such as concrete, deteriorate at a similar rate. Create a Water Main prediction group named Concrete Mains. Click Filter and create the filter "Material is equal to Concrete".
  • The performance curve is graphed using Years in Service (the asset's age) and Condition Index (the asset's condition value).
  • The performance curves reflect the anticipated deterioration of each Condition Category, and as a result of the Overall Condition Index, if no maintenance is done to that asset. The weights assigned to each Condition Category help determine the OCI curve. Year values should begin at 0 and end at the asset’s anticipated expiration age. Index values typically begin at 100 and always end at 0. Each curve must have at least two points.
  • When you set up performance curves, each condition category curve is combined, through a weighted average, to generate the Overall Condition Index (OCI) curve. The points of the OCI curve cannot be directly accessed or edited. The OCI curve is automatically updated based on edits to the condition category curves.
  • You can click on the performance curve's Legend to hide and show the corresponding curve:

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 12.23.09 PM.png