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About the Condition Category Library

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  • Condition categories are characteristics observed during inspections and can be used to estimate asset deterioration. The weight indicates the impact of a condition category on the asset's Overall Condition Index (OCI).
  • Create Condition Categories if your organization inspects for characteristics not found in the startup data.
  • Change Condition Category weights if your organization places more or less emphasis on a particular condition when assessing OCI.
  • The Legend Ra and Background Ra Condition Categories for Signs as well as the PCI Condition Category for Pavement and Pavement Area cannot be deleted.
  • The filter text lets you filter the assets the Condition Category applies to at a finer level. You cannot enter anything in the Filter Text field. This field displays the results of the advanced filter you create. For example, the Pavement Condition Category, Safety, should only apply to pavement records with four or more lanes. Click and create the filter "Number of lanes is greater than 3" for this Condition Category.
  • Impacts is a child recordset available for condition categories for Sign Assets.
  • Index Mappings is a read-only child recordset to condition categories.
  • Examples of condition categories that come with startup data are Aesthetics, Surface, and Structure.

You must have an advanced feature extension for these additional benefits:

  • The Type determines how the condition category will be measured during an inspection.
  • Each Condition Category must have a performance curve, to accurately calculate an asset's remaining life.

If you do not collect Sign Ra readings, do not set performance curves for Legend Ra and Background Ra Condition Categories.

  • Impacts and Index Mappings are child recordsets available to all condition categories.
  • Impacts and Index Mappings are edited in Asset Condition Manager.