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Activity Impact on Asset Condition

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This relates to Signs only without the advanced feature extension, or for any asset with the extension.

Corrective or preventative maintenance activities are performed to extend the asset’s life. The Asset Condition Categories/Impact library contains the impact of activities that extend the asset’s life. The activity’s impact is calculated to update that individual condition category.

For example, a park bench with condition categories of Aesthetics, Structure, and Surface.

The following shows which activity impacts a condition category:

  • Activity of Paint: Impacts the Aesthetics condition category.
  • Activity of Realignment: Impacts the Structure condition category.
  • Activity of Stain: Impacts the Surface condition category.

Activity impacts affect the individual condition category and increase the asset’s overall condition rating (OCR). Impacts are expressed as:

  • Absolute: Resets the overall condition index (OCI) to the number indicated
  • Relative: Increases the index by the number indicated
  • %: Increases the index by the percent indicated

If a combination of impact types are performed on the same day, they are applied in this order; percentage impacts first in order of increasing percentage, relative impacts next, and absolutes at the end with the highest applied last.

For example, an asset has a Condition Category index of 50. A maintenance activity is performed with an impact factor of 75%. The estimated index for the condition category increases by 75% to 87.5.

For example, an asset with an OCI of 40 then has three activities with a 10% impact performed on the same day or over multiple days works like this 40 + (10% x 40) = 44 the first activity, 44 + (10% x 44) = 48.4 the second activity, and 48.4 + (10% x 48.4) = 53.24 the third activity.

For example, an asset with two or more activities with an impact of Absolute 30 performed on the same day or over multiple days the index is always 30.