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Cartegraph Data Migration Explained

Our multi-phase approach to helping you transition to the new Cartegraph.

A migration to a new system can be a daunting, arduous process.  You’ve invested a significant amount of time and effort into your database, and ensuring the integrity of that data translates into your new system is paramount. Cartegraph is a business-critical system, and downtime can introduce issues and gaps within workflow or data entry.  But fret not; Cartegraph has a multi-phase process in place to reduce the potential risk of these issues.

The conversion process begins with a field map that outlines, field by field, how your data will carry over. Use this migration as an opportunity to draw a line in the sand, a fresh start, if you will, and scrutinize over what data really needs to be brought over. This is also an opportunity to remedy bad data, bad data entry, or bad data management practices.

It’s important to note that you will retain your legacy Navigator system, allowing you unlimited access to your historical data.  OMS is a completely new platform in comparison to Navigator, which means certain types of data simply do not translate well.  User security plays a large role in the way Cartegraph is designed, and it’s now much easier to customize access and permission levels. The higher the level of integrity your data has, the easier it will be to pull useful data back out of the system.  Great data in equals great data out.

Performing a two-phase conversion, one for test and one for production, allows you continued use of your current system while your new database is tested and configured.  The delivery of a test database allows you to see an exact replica of how your data will migrate into your new system, and to completely tailor that experience to best fit your organization.

Training users on the new platform, developing workflows and configuring user security and layouts can all be done in your test database while business continues as usual in your current environment. The implementation of a test conversion greatly increases both efficiency and success when it comes time for the production run.

We’re invested in your success, just as you’re invested in our solution, and our aim is to make your migration as seamless as possible.  We partner with you during this process:  our Services team is composed of knowledgeable, consummate professionals, and our Technical Support is the best in the business. OMS is much more scalable, mobile and user friendly, and with it brings an entirely new level of potential to your existing asset data.