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How Technology Is Changing Water Utility Management

Proactive Solutions to Protect Your Assets

The basic tasks of maintaining and managing water utilities haven’t changed for decades. We all need water to survive; protecting and distributing water is an important function of municipal governments.

What has changed is the technology available for water management. Work, asset, resource, and request management software is changing the way water utilities operate—for the better.

Here are 3 ways technology is improving water utility management:

  1. Proactivity. With good data and smart technology, your team can move away from being in a constant state of reactivity. Think about the time and money you could save by replacing a part before it breaks and water leaks everywhere.
  2. Saving money. In addition to the savings from preventative maintenance, technology can shed light on where your money is going and help you make better spending decisions moving forward.
  3. Efficiency. By recognizing patterns and eliminating redundant tasks, technology can streamline your operations—giving your crew more time to do the work that really matters.

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