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Sign Management: A Guide for Local Government

Roadway Management agencies track a lot of assets. Street signs, however, including their maintenance and replacement, are particularly important.

“Why are street signs so important?”

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) statistics, approximately 42,000 people die annually on U.S. roads. Some of the fatalities prove due to poor sign management, especially during evening driving hours. Effective sign management has become essential to driver safety.

“How do roadway management agencies respond and improve?”

Retroreflectivity, or a reflection that redirects incident light from headlights back to the source, is a key component of sign management. Since one-half of all traffic fatalities occur at night, and only a quarter of vehicles travel at night, focusing on retroreflectivity is a great place to start. 

Where can I learn more?

An Introduction for Local Government: Sign Management is a free white paper that was written to help roadway management agencies understand the numerous ways to manage, maintain, and improve traffic signs’ retroreflectivity while minimizing the risk of being found negligent in meeting the MUTCD minimum standards.

Download the white paper to learn more.

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