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Stormwater Management: A Guide for Local Government

How Cartegraph helps municipal agencies satisfy and sustain NPDES Standards.

Storm water runoff proves a leading threat to both the public and the environment. Municipal agencies must adhere to many responsibilities and established standards in regards to storm water management and compliance, and Cartegraph can help in both satisfying and sustaining NPDES standards.

"How does Cartegraph help municipalities maintain NPDES standards?"

Cartegraph helps municipalites facilitate the implementation of the NPDES Best Management Practices in order to stay compliant. Being integrated with Esri, Cartegraph can track and map assets such as drains, discharge points, basins, pipes, channels, etc. Tracking and mapping required assets makes collecting data and producing the required reports for the NPDES quick, easy, and accurate. Furthermore, better data collection procedures improve preventative maintenance measures, asset life-cycles and  upkeep, and lessens illegal connection activity.

"Does Cartegraph aid in achieving all six of the outlined NPDES BMPs?"

This whitepaper was written to help municipal agencies understand how Cartegraph can function in accordance with NPDES' BMPs as well as explain the various tools, applications, and strategies available to do so. Get your FREE whitepaper to learn more. Click here

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