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ArcGIS for Smart Communities—Esri

The following excerpt is from ArcGIS for Smart Communities, a video produced by Esri® 

"Today modern government needs a modern GIS. This is about a web GIS platform. It means being able to take all the information and dynamically integrate it using geography as a common frame. That's very exciting, because it's a framework that not only makes our cities smarter, it also is a framework that allows city officials to be more responsive to what citizens want and need...

The app revolution that's occurring in society today means people can access information anywhere, any time, on any device. And smart communities are making their information available through a platform for app builders to be able to make smart apps, not only for making their cities more efficient and better decision making there, but also connecting their citizens and their NGOs and businesses with better services through this app revolution."  

Watch the short video >> 

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