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Cartegraph Adapts to You

Why Cartegraph is the local government solution for ArcGIS

From sprawling metro areas to small rural towns, from the transportation department to the water management team, no two Cartegraph users are alike. Every local government organization has different needs. Every department within those organizations relies on different data sets. That’s why we’ve built the Operations Management System (OMS) to be configurable. Any view that you use can be edited to fit your needs.

Configurable Data Fields

If there’s a specific piece of information that you track on an asset, you can easily add it to the database. For example, if you track sign height and that isn’t a default field, you can add it within seconds. On the flip side, if the default form requests a piece of information that you don’t care to track, you can hide it from view to avoid confusion.

Different Views for Different Users

Develop tailored views for users across your organization. You can control everything from what order the fields are in to which fields different users see. Certain users may need a piece of information that other users don’t need, so you can simply drop it from their view.

Cartegraph + Esri

Between the ability to edit your Cartegraph views and the configurability of your ArcGIS map views, you can build a powerful system that does exactly what you need it to do—nothing more, nothing less. 

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