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Cartegraph + ArcGIS: Better Data, Better Decisions

Why Cartegraph is the local government solution for ArcGIS

Maybe your organization has been leveraging data to make decisions for years. Maybe you’ve recently implemented an operations management system and you’re looking for ways to put the data to work for you. Or maybe you’re just starting to look for a work and asset management solution. Regardless of which camp you’re in, you are probably already aware of the power of data. By taking stock of your assets, facilities, materials, and equipment—and knowing the condition and value of them—you’ll have all the information you need to keep your operation running smoothly.

But boring, basic data isn’t going to cut it. You need good, rich data—data that helps you maintain your resources, tells you how to spend your money, sheds light on efficiencies, and maybe even makes your job easier. (A person can dream, right?) So where does one find this magical data? If you guessed Cartegraph, you are correct. High-five to you.

In-Depth Inspections

Go beyond the basic checklist. With Cartegraph for iPad, field professionals have in-depth inspection tools that can go anywhere. Configure inspections for each asset—adding fields if needed and hiding those you don’t need. As you enter data at the inspection site, the condition curves will update in real time. If the levels aren’t up to par, Cartegraph will schedule a preventative maintenance task to keep your assets in tip-top shape.

Proactive Work Planning

Leverage your robust inspection data to plan projects and make smarter decisions for your organization. From pavement to water utilities, Cartegraph’s Scenario Builder can predict the future of any asset, any time. All you need to do is enter your timeline and budget or your timeline and goals. In less than a minute, you can project which activities will maximize the life of your high-value assets—and how much it will cost. When you can see the future, it’s easy to plan ahead and save yourself a lot of reactive work down the road.

Cartegraph + Esri

Cartegraph excels in the areas of preventative maintenance scheduling, asset health information, inspection and work history, work management capabilities, and future maintenance planning. ArcGIS offers advanced analytic capabilities like network analysis, routing, flow analysis, and spatial correlation. When you combine the strengths of the two systems, you will unlock data you had never considered before and make decisions in a whole new way.

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