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Cartegraph + Collector for ArcGIS: Increasing Accuracy and Efficiency in the Field

An accurate and up-to-date asset inventory is not only critical to a successful Cartegraph implementation—it’s essential to a solid operations management approach. With this in mind, Cartegraph provides a variety of solutions that empower your high-performance government to establish and round out your asset inventory, including Cartegraph One, and our seamless integration with Esri’s Collector for ArcGIS.  

If your organization is looking to simply collect assets, but require a high level of spatial location accuracy, Collector for ArcGIS is an excellent tool to guarantee your inventory is complete. Collector for ArcGIS can help your team perform data collection in the field with the mobile platform of your choice: tablet or smartphone; iOS, Android, or Windows. The tool offers the ability to directly leverage the capabilities of high accuracy GPS receivers while maintaining an easy-to-use interface your field professionals are familiar with.

Collector also provides the ability to run fully offline, allowing your team to collect data even in areas lacking cellular coverage. An additional benefit of Collector is its capability to capture images of the assets you are collecting. These images are linked to the asset—and through the seamless integration between Cartegraph and ArcGIS—are brought over as attachments in Cartegraph.

If your goal is to rapidly and accurately collect asset locations and basic attributes in the field with a universal mobile application, Collector for ArcGIS is the tool to use. Its ability to work in areas of poor network coverage and leverage the power and ease of ArcGIS web mapping will ensure your organization is properly capturing data for future analyzation.