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Cartegraph Campus

Cartegraph is the local government solution for ArcGIS

Gone are the days of paper record-keeping systems and three-ring binders. Gone are the days of having to track down the retired workers who developed a particular project in order to get information about that project. Local government operations is moving into a new era—an era of using technology to track data and using that data to make smarter decisions.

Until recently, this data revolution has relied on two separate tools: enterprise asset management (EAM) and geographic information systems (GIS). Each tool has its own strengths and weaknesses. Just like you wouldn’t use a hammer to measure lumber or a screwdriver to pound in a nail, there are certain projects that depend on EAM and other tasks that require GIS. But now that that Cartegraph and Esri are aligned, there’s no longer a need for two separate tools.


There’s no denying the value of an enterprise asset management system like Cartegraph. The easy-to-use software streamlines your operations, gives you visibility to all your assets, allows you to schedule preventative maintenance, creates an archive of information for future decision-making, and so much more. The data created and stored in Cartegraph is invaluable to today’s high-powered local government organizations.


It’s also impossible to ignore the value of a strong geographic information system like ArcGIS. Geography is the foundation for nearly everything you do. Without knowing where things are located, how could you begin to ask the questions and find the answers to help you solve problems in your daily operations? ArcGIS also offers advanced analytic capabilities that can’t be found in an asset management system—capabilities like network analysis, routing, flow analysis, and spatial correlation.

Cartegraph + Esri

Each public asset in your inventory has a spatial location that plays a key role in your ability to effectively manage it. Cartegraph on its own lacks the accurate geospatial capabilities necessary for optimal processes and workflow. ArcGIS on its own lacks the rich detail that enables smart, data-driven budgeting and decision making. Using the two systems together is better than using either system individually. That’s why you need Cartegraph + Esri, together.