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Geospatial Technology and the Future of the City—Esri

The following excerpt is from Geospatial Technology and the Future of the City, which appeared in the Winter 2014-2015 issue of ArcNews® 

"Over the past four decades, GIS technology has systematically impacted local government by improving basic record keeping and data management as well as automating a wide variety of geospatially related workflows including mapping. Most of these improvements have been in departmental systems focused on specific mission areas.

We are now entering a period in which geospatial (and other) data about cities is growing enormously. This data is increasingly being directed to address the growing challenges facing cities today. Managers and policy people are searching for approaches that better leverage this digital data to improve decision making and government management...

Future cities will be much smarter. Everything will be measured in real time and in fine detail through the deployment of sophisticated arrays of sensors. GIS will play a major part in integrating mountains of real-time data so it can be understood and acted on. It will improve applications that range from managing environmental quality and the built environment to land-use and transportation planning. The result will be better decisions, more efficiency, and improved communication."

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