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How EAM and GIS Could Be Helping You

The Benefits of Technology-Driven Operations Management

In today’s ever-changing business environment, one thing is certain: the old way isn’t going to cut it anymore. For many local government organizations, it may be time to make some changes when it comes to operations management.

The old way

Your department has either GIS or an enterprise asset management (EAM) system, but not both. So far, using one or the other has been okay, but not great. You may be wishing you had the ability to simplify work management or solve location-related problems. Or you could be looking for better data to help you plan your next project.

Questions you may be asking:

  • Why does the sewer pipe keep failing in one area but not another?
  • How much more work could we get done if my team could find and complete tasks on the go?
  • Exactly how much money am I spending unexpectedly on storm cleanup?

The new way

You implement one system that solves those problems and answers those questions: An EAM that pairs seamlessly with GIS. Using the two systems together empowers you to do more than you ever could with one system alone.

Here are three benefits of using EAM and GIS together for local government operations:

  1. By combining mapping and asset management tools, EAM and GIS work together to unlock an unprecedented level of municipal data. For example, pulling data from both platforms and conducting soil analysis can give you insight on what’s causing variances in pipe performance.
  2. With mobile technology, users can be equally productive in the field and in the office. Looking at up-to-date GIS maps, field professionals can easily navigate to an asset in need of repair and use EAM to complete the necessary workflow.
  3. Implementing GIS alone results in savings of 10 to 30 percent in operational expenses. Enterprise asset management takes those savings even further. When you have clear visibility of where your money is going, it’s easy to uncover inefficiencies and spend smarter in the future.

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