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The Importance of Where—Esri

The following excerpt is from The ArcGIS Book, published by Esri® Press

"Have you ever looked at a map of crime in your city and tried to figure out what areas have high crime rates? Have you explored other types of information, like school locations, parks, and demographics to try to determine the best location to buy a new home? Whenever we look at a map, we inherently start turning that map into information by analyzing its contents—finding patterns, assessing trends, or making decisions. This process is called “spatial analysis,” and it’s what our eyes and minds do naturally whenever we look at a map.

Spatial analysis is the most intriguing and remarkable aspect of GIS. Using spatial analysis, you can combine information from many independent sources and derive new sets of information (results) by applying a sophisticated set of spatial operators. This comprehensive collection of spatial analysis tools extends your reach toward answers to your questions."

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