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3 Things to Know about Using Cartegraph for iPad in Remote Areas

At Cartegraph, we understand the value of being able to view data and perform work efficiently in the field. We also know that data connectivity isn’t always perfect. And it’s not always available in the areas where work needs to be done. That’s why we created Offline with Cartegraph for iPad.

We hear you

The ability to work in a disconnected state was a common request from our mobile customers – particularly those in areas of the country with weak connectivity.

It makes sense. Many of our users have eliminated slow and unreliable data entry practices, i.e. paper. But when they needed to work in a rural area or in a water plant with low to no data connection, there wasn’t really another choice.

So we listened to the feedback and added offline functionality to Cartegraph for iPad in the summer of 2016.

Here are our 3 favorite things about it:

1. One app is all you need

There’s no need to install or update an additional application. With the tap of a finger, the same easy-to-use Cartegraph for iPad application you use every day will transition seamlessly to a feature-focused Offline mode. After you complete your work and get to an area when you can connect again, it’s easy to jump back online to save and update your data.

2. Work gets done

While offline, users can view, complete, and create new tasks. You can also enter Labor, Equipment, Materials, and other resources—and complete asset inspections. All work data is recorded so you can efficiently continue on with your daily tasks. Push all that work data into Cartegraph once you’re online again.

3. The need for speed

Switching to Offline mode in Cartegraph for iPad typically takes less than a minute. The application only downloads the data needed for the work at hand. Getting back online is even faster. Within a matter of seconds, all data captured offline is updated and saved in Cartegraph. Our goal is to get users back to a full-featured connected state as quickly as possible once consistent data connectivity is available.

If you’re interested in Offline with Cartegraph for iPad, contact your account representative. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and share pricing information with you. If you have suggestions or requests for additional features, please let us know. We’re always listening.

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