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Cartegraph for iPad: When and Where You Need It

Why Cartegraph is the local government solution for ArcGIS

In today's mobile era, we’ve grown accustomed to having access to information at all times, no matter where we are. Whether it’s checking email while waiting in line, shopping from the comfort of your living room, or using a GPS device to navigate the family road trip, technology has changed the way we live our lives.

This mobile evolution has also happened with enterprise asset management and GIS. Gone are the days of filling out paperwork in the field, returning to the office to enter it in the computer, and completing manual calculations. Cartegraph for iPad and ArcGIS Online allow you to do your work any time, from anywhere.

Cartegraph for iPad

Cartegraph for iPad essentially turns the field into your office. When a citizen makes a request, you can head to that location and get right to work. Use the iPad to add photos to the request, create associated tasks, and assign those tasks to another team member if needed. When you complete a task, you can also use the mobile application to see if there is other work nearby you can tackle while you’re out. These user-friendly tools streamline your workflow in a way that just makes sense.

ArcGIS Online

There was a time—not too long ago—when GIS was limited to a desktop platform. But with the introduction of ArcGIS Online, Esri mobilized GIS and revolutionized the way we use spatial data.

This excerpt from an ArcNews article titled Implementing Web GIS explains it well: "Web GIS is a transformation of GIS that brings analytics to spatial data in a way that wasn't possible before. Previously, spatial data had to be processed, modified, and extracted to answer a predetermined set of questions. Now, the data is transformed into web maps or services that are mashed up with different layers into a web GIS, which provides the flexibility to answer any possible question. The data is ready and waiting to dynamically answer questions. It no longer needs to be processed for each individual question. Web GIS is a much more flexible and agile workflow.”

Cartegraph + Esri

By leveraging ArcGIS web maps in Cartegraph, users will be able to clearly see the spatial relationship of their work and asset data. You can produce the maps you need for your day-to-day operations in ArcGIS Online, then use them as you manage your work and assets in Cartegraph. Customize your maps to match specific tasks, projects, or organizational standards. Easily edit and interact with them using mobile map tools. With Cartegraph and Esri web-based technologies, you can consume and apply your data from anywhere.

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