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One for All and All for One: The Future of Cartegraph Mobile

One of my all-time favorite Cartegraph stories to share is the genesis of our mobile offering, Cartegraph for iPad. Seven years ago, we selected a group of customers to discuss the future of work and asset management. We dug deep on using mobile technology to conduct work in the field. The instant reactions were about all the reasons why it wouldn’t work: citizens will think we’re playing Angry Birds; staff won’t be able to use the technology; there's no need for real-time data; etc.

We took a chance anyway. We believed that making an application that's easy to use, powered with real-time data, and focused for the field staff would result in making you more productive.

Six months after that initial meeting, we regrouped with the same customers, and guess what? The topic that dominated the conversation was mobility. When was Cartegraph going to build a mobile app for field staff? When can data entry shift from days after the task was completed to real time? Perfect timing. We had already taken that chance and were a month away from our first release of our mobile app, Cartegraph for iPad.


  • 5+ million records created on the go in the past year
  • 220,000 assets created on mobile applications
  • Over half of all resource entry is entered via mobile
  • 350,000 inspections completed in the field
  • 70% of inspections recorded via Cartegraph for iPad or Cartegraph One

Technology has changed a lot since then—new form factors, updated hardware specs, augmented reality, location precision, and more. Today, we do more on our phone and tablets than ever before. The field is the office for range of roles, and our original principles hold true more than ever:

  • Mobile is critical for efficient workflows and high-performance teams
  • You need access to real-time data between the field and the office
  • The mobile app must be easy to use—for every user

Just like your assets and equipment, we consistently review whether it’s better to repair or replace our mobile tool set. Your feedback has been a guiding light on how we can improve our app and make you even more efficient. That's why we are in the process of enhancing our mobile offering once again.

"Your feedback has been a guiding light in how we can improve and make you even more efficient."

We're excited to propel our mobile app to the next generation. The new and improved Cartegraph One app will have all the features you need to get more done each day. Built on modern technology, the app runs on phone and tablet—both iOS and Android.

We’re excited for what's to come and hope you are too. Thanks for sharing your input and shaping the future of work in the field. Good things are coming your way soon. 

Want to track the progress of our mobile tools? Head right this way.