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Simple. Fast. Effective. Meet Cartegraph One

We’ve simplified asset management by creating one easy-to-use application for iOS and Android devices.

The right tool, whatever the job. At Cartegraph, we believe operational data should be accessible to everyone and everywhere work needs to be done. The best way to access this data is to use the device that you probably have on you right now: a smartphone. Cartegraph One was built from the ground up to provide you access to the data and tools you need to efficiently work in the field.

Phone-first design. Cartegraph One was designed to maximize the experience and screen real estate available on your smartphone device. With Cartegraph One, the tasks and actions you perform every day have been streamlined, allowing you to spend more time getting work done and less time entering data.

Collecting assets is easier than ever. With the launch of Cartegraph One we are also excited to introduce our first Cartegraph Labs feature, Capture. With Capture, you can collect a sign, water hydrant, tree, light fixture, or water storage tank asset—just by taking a picture. Capture automatically selects the correct asset type, sets the location, attaches the photo, and inputs available attribute data. How cool is that?

Not just for iPhones. Cartegraph One works with smartphones that run either an iOS or Android operating system. Recent statistics show that Android and iOS devices make up over 99% of the total market share of smartphones. You can rest assured that whether you bring your own device or a device is provided to you, that the Cartegraph One app will work.

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch your paper tasks and download the app now to begin utilizing the power of Cartegraph One. Click the iOS App Store or Google Play Store icons below to get started:

iAppleAppStore2.png    iPlayStore2.png

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