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Announcing the 2016-2017 Cartegraph Excellence in Operations Management Award Finalists

Winners to be announced at Cartegraph National Conference, October 10-13, 2017

Cartegraph, a leader in building high-performance government, is pleased to announce 15 finalists for its fourth annual Excellence in Operations Management Awards. This program recognizes municipal organizations for becoming more effective, efficient, and productive through the use of modern technology.

These local government organizations reached finalist status based on their accomplishments using Cartegraph OMS in several core areas, including infrastructure management and improvement, operational efficiency, citizen engagement, and data-driven decision making. Winners will be announced at the Cartegraph National Conference, October 10-13, 2017 in Denver.

Adams County, CO

A new jetting and video inspection program created a monumental task of mapping, cleaning, inspecting, and shooting video of more than 184,000 feet of stormwater lines and 1,100-plus structures—just a third of the county-wide drainage system. In one year, the Adams County crew has cut response times from months to a single day, and has leveraged Cartegraph asset deterioration curves to create detailed maps and prepare for future repairs—saving 20 hours a week in asset management alone.

AECOM & Illinois Tollway

Dedicated to providing a safe and efficient system of highways, the Illinois Tollway System team has built a comprehensive transportation asset management system (TAMS) to manage its 290 centerline miles, 14,000 acres, and 676 bridge structures. To ensure the highest possible level of service, the tollway crew has tapped the high-performing system—powered by Cartegraph OMS—to accomplish more with less energy, improve effectiveness through enhanced reporting and mapping capabilities, and deliver the best possible outcomes for their customers through data-driven project planning.

Bay County, FL - Public Works

Following the status quo isn’t good enough for the Bay County Public Works Department. While each division had their own work order system in place, they knew a unified, GIS-integrated system would provide a big-picture view of their operations and help the team make efficient, data-driven decisions. Aspiring to do more for their citizens, the staff of 65 took on the task of meticulously converting their disparate systems into Cartegraph OMS and trained extensively to ensure a smooth transition. Thanks to their innovation and commitment, Bay County is now monitoring work and asset data to make the most of taxpayer dollars.

City of Arlington, TX - Parks & Recreation

It’s a familiar story: growth of the parks system in the City of Arlington was outpacing the available resources. As part of a top-to-bottom examination of allocated labor hours, the Arlington team analyzed 2 years of park maintenance data from Cartegraph. They recognized an opportunity to better use their time, and adopted a new park run schedule that saved them 3,358 hours—or $60,000—in just nine months, without jeopardizing citizen satisfaction.

City of Auburn, WA

City leaders in Auburn laid out an ambitious agenda for 2016—one that included increased internet access across the city and boosting its Healthy City Index by 200 percent. After eight departments outlined their strategic objectives, they uncovered a striking overlap: each department needed to make better use of existing resources to increase operating efficiencies. Through a combination of improved business processes, leveraging Cartegraph OMS, and a willingness to change, the City became more proactive, established preventative maintenance schedules, built cost-effective processes, and increased departmental cooperation.

City of Colorado Springs, CO

After voters approved a ballot measure to fund road infrastructure improvements, Colorado Springs needed a way to increase citizen engagement and communicate citywide construction projects. Combining the power of Cartegraph and Esri technologies, the City created a Cone Zone web app that displayed construction and road closings in coordination with the crowdsourced Waze traffic app. In one year, the city inventoried more than 960 cone zones and automated information sharing with citizens—saving the city 286 annual labor hours or $10,700.

City of Dubuque, IA

Sitting on the western bank of the Mississippi River, the City of Dubuque has embarked on an aggressive project to reduce downtown flooding and protect their citizens from natural disasters. This means reconstructing more than 240 alleys over 20 years, and the City turned to Cartegraph to support their smart operations management. By syncing tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops to a central system, the Dubuque crew is efficiently tracking costs and justifying future alley installations, while maintaining 71 rebuilt “green” alleys with permeable pavement.

City of Golden, CO

In 2016, the City of Golden Public Works Department faced a seemingly impossible challenge: update the operational condition index data on 242 lane miles of pavement in only four months. Instead of hiring an outside data collection firm, the public works team strategically used an intern and Cartegraph OMS to gather the information—saving the city $47,000. Thanks to the team’s ingenuity and hard work, Golden has not only used the pavement data to uncover the best investment plan for their assets, but also employed deterioration curves to give them a better idea of the long-term condition of their roads.  

City of Haines City, FL

To protect their assets and create a high quality of life for their citizens, Haines City set on a mission to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. With the support of Cartegraph OMS, the City now analyzes robust work, asset, and resource data, enabling them to review the ROI of their fleet and rapidly improve their city operations—which has translated to millions of dollars in savings. Haines City’s commitment and advancements have additionally allowed citizens to track their work orders in real time, providing a public platform to share infrastructure related information and promote transparent governance.

Cobb County, GA Department of Transportation

When it comes to 911 calls, every second counts—which is why Cobb County focused on increasing efficiencies and minimizing the time it took to process emergency calls. By streamlining their call center procedures with the help of Cartegraph, the County saves 6 minutes per call, or 30 days annually. Aside from saving lives and keeping their citizens safe, Cobb County has also made impressive strides when it comes to data visualization. The team now creates reports to justify spending, request resource funding, support new hires, and plan for county-wide transportation developments.  

City of Pittsburgh, PA - Department of Public Works

Instead of reactively repairing failed assets, Pittsburgh was determined to create a proactive inspection and investment plan that would keep their city in tiptop shape. With accurate data key to their success, the Department of Public Works crew quickly brought incomplete inventories up to speed with the help of Cartegraph mobile technology. With a solid account of how work is being distributed and the condition of nearly 30,000 assets, Pittsburgh now has a single point of truth to fuel data-driven decisions and ensure taxpayer dollars are being properly distributed based on everything from activity to city district.

Three Rivers Park District, Plymouth, MN

The District knew they needed a better way to protect and preserve more than 27,000 acres of parks and trails as they recalled facing “no true system of record” and an inventory that was routinely 3 months behind. Through determination and increased collaboration, Three Rivers has improved efficiency and enhanced decision making with real-time operational data in Cartegraph OMS. In addition, the team is now confident in their long-term planning proposals to enhance the quality of life for their 11 million annual visitors.

Town of Truckee, CA

To increase productivity and plan for the future, the Town of Truckee focused their efforts on spending less time entering data and more time analyzing it. After moving from paper forms to Cartegraph OMS in February 2016, Truckee has significantly increased their information accuracy and reduced labor time—saving a week’s worth of time alone on their pavement maintenance program. Truckee reported increased customer service and satisfaction as well, thanks to reorganized workflows and the elimination of unnecessary paper work.

Village of Bensenville, IL

Snow operation is a critical, highly essential component of Bensenville’s Public Works Department. The Village recognized any improvement in their snow procedure would result in capital savings, better mobility—and most important—improved safety for millions of traveling citizens. After shifting from an “archaic” system to Cartegraph OMS, Bensenville built a comprehensive snow event tracking system that reveals the true cost of each weather event. In addition to better time management, the Bensenville team is proud to provide their citizens and highest levels of management with greater transparency and accountability.

Village of Buffalo Grove, IL

After winning the APWA’s National Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Award, Buffalo Grove wasn’t about to rest on their laurels. To increase customer satisfaction and streamline services even further, the Village recognized they needed to analyze their operational data to reveal hidden inefficiencies. Using Cartegraph OMS data, Buffalo Grove uncovered they could save $500 per application by applying a stronger, more expensive anti-icing blend since it saved more in labor costs down the line. As a result, the crew has freed up manpower to work on other projects while still providing the same level of service to their residents.

Be the first to hear our final Cartegraph Excellence in Operations Management Award winners: register now for the Cartegraph National Conference, October 10-13, 2017 in Denver.

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