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City of Auburn, WA Testing X-Ray Vision for Infrastructure Management

Move over, Superman. Superheroes aren’t the only ones with X-ray vision anymore. The City of Auburn, WA is testing high-performance government technology to help their public works employees "see" and interact with below-ground infrastructure assets. 

Projects like these support City of Auburn Assistant Information Technology Director Ashley Riggs' idea that "innovation is a mindset," a continuous process of finding substantive improvements, and not a one-time undertaking.

By pairing Meemim’s augmented reality application called vGIS with Cartegraph’s work and asset management software, Auburn is on its way to better tracking and maintaining the water, sewer, storm, traffic, and communications assets that lay beneath their city. Whether they’re in the field or in the office, staff can see and interact with underground assets without ever lifting a shovel. This futuristic tech is expected to open the door to more dynamic council presentations, easier remote or confined-space inspections, and preventing the expensive repairs and major project delays that come with unintentionally digging up critical assets. 

To learn more about the City of Auburn's innovative project, check out their feature article in StateScoop. Want to learn how your local government can become more high-performing like Riggs and his team? Download our free Building High-Performance Government how-to guide now