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One City’s Secret to Accurately Billing Services

Mankato, MN

award-icon.pngMankato was recognized for its forward thinking approach to managing infrastructure and day-to-day operations in its Water, Wastewater, and Public Works departments. The city leverages its Cartegraph technology to accurately track assets, labor, equipment, and materials, and a fleet of more than 300 vehicles.  This use of technology allows departments to bill their services more accurately and demonstrate to upper management, city council, and citizens exactly how tax dollars are being spent.


  • Mankato uses Cartegraph to manage sewer, storm and water network assets and work orders, and to track the associated labor, equipment, and materials.
  • Tracking these items allows the city to bill its internal departments, as well as private contractors, and recoup funds that were previously lost to them.
  • The city also uses Cartegraph to manage a fleet of more than 300 vehicles, including preventative maintenance planning, tracking fuel usage, and reporting on parts and labor used for each department.
  • Cartegraph reporting has helped supervisors and employees do their jobs better and justify to elected officials and citizens that tax payer’s dollars are being well utilized.

“It’s an honor to receive this award. City staff will continue to be a leader in this area by looking for opportunities to use technology to help enhance efficiencies. This benefits taxpayers and contributes to Mankato’s quality of life.”

Mary Fralish
Director of Public Works
City of Mankato

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