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Solving NPDES, Citizen Requests, Permitting, Billing, and More

Auburn, WA

award-icon.pngAuburn’s approach to municipal technology is proactive and comprehensive. The city has continually evolved its operations management and GIS technology, giving it a unique ability to manage a wide array of operations and services, including citizen request management, asset inventory and data collection, NPDES permit compliance, and interdepartmental billing. Auburn was also one of the first municipal organizations to begin implementing the Cartegraph Operations Management System.

Here’s How They Do it

  • Auburn always looks for new ways to engage its citizens.  For example, the city recently implemented a 311 cloud-based citizen request app that helps it provide better service and resolve issues more efficiently.
  • The city continually expands its capabilities through technology. During 2013, Auburn added two new operations management modules and a mobile solution for tracking NPDES permit requirements.  The city also began offering on-site staff training to ensure that employees are able to use the technology efficiently.
  • Right now, the City of Auburn is working with Cartegraph Data Services to complete a city-wide mobile data collection project.  Once complete, the city will have a detailed, up-to-date database of city assets that it will use to help plan future projects and budgets.

“The City of Auburn is honored to be presented with Cartegraph’s 2013 Excellence in Operations Management award.  Auburn’s Mayor, City Council and senior leadership have a unified vision of what the City’s goals are and understand how we as a City are going to achieve them.  This award validates our goals and demonstrates how the City leverages technology to become more efficient, proactive and transparent. Auburn strives for transparency in Government through innovation, strategic thinking and collaboration through the use of Cartegraph software.”

Ashley Riggs, GISP
IT Operations Manager
City of Auburn, WA

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