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The Modern Approach to Public Works Management

Waynesboro, VA

award-icon.pngThe City of Waynesboro’s Public Works Department and its associated Transportation Safety Commission, City Council and City Management were recognized for using technology to improve the delivery of government services. Waynesboro evolved from using a single application for tracking water network work orders and now uses Cartegraph technology to manage the day-to-day operations of its Engineering division and Water and Wastewater Treatment plants. This approach allows supervisors to effectively schedule work, track requests and work orders, manage assets, and budget for the future. Waynesboro has plans to take its technology effort even further by adopting tablets for workers to use in the field.

Here’s How They Do it

  • Waynesboro started using Cartegraph in 2007 and their use has evolved over time to now being the information system that drives their organization.
  • The city makes innovative use of its technology for managing infrastructure, assets requests, and work.
  • In an effort to curb pollution and ensure compliance with the EPA’s MS4 storm water regulations, Waynesboro plans upgrade to Cartegraph’s OMS technology and begin using tablets in the field.

“The City of Waynesboro Public Works Department is honored to be recognized with the 2013 Excellence in Operations Management Award. Cartegraph is the information system that drives our organization, even more now as we begin to fully comply with regulatory mandates of the Stormwater program in the State of Virginia.”

Brian McReynolds
Public Works Director
City of Waynesboro, VA

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