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The Secret to Proactive Wastewater System Management

Santa Barbara, CA

award-icon.pngThe City of Santa Barbara Public Works Department has achieved much success in its use of technology. This success is especially evident in the city’s wastewater collection system maintenance and capital planning activities. Using Cartegraph and ArcGIS in tandem, the city has been extraordinarily proactive in the maintenance and management of its wastewater system infrastructure. The city has also made technology an integral part of its restaurant fats, oil, and grease (FOG) management program, using it to streamline planning activities and manage inspection data.

Here’s how they do it:

  • Because the city’s Cartegraph software has been geodata-connected to its Esri software, field crews can easily visualize wastewater system infrastructure.  This ability to work visually and geographically helps workers efficiently perform daily sewer system work activities, data entry, and reporting.
  • Santa Barbara has developed algorithms within Cartegraph that use the condition findings of pipe cleaning events to proactively schedule future maintenance and cleaning.
  • Sewer main CCTV work is scheduled and documented in Cartegraph, and CCTV PACP grading results are uploaded into Cartegraph.  With this information, management staff is better able to prioritize CIP sewer main rehabilitation and repair projects.
  • Private sewer lateral inspection program activities are recorded in Cartegraph, as well.  The city then uses Cartegraph’s automated form letter feature to communicate with property owners.

“Receiving the 2013 Excellence in Operations Management Award is an extremely rewarding experience, as the City of Santa Barbara Public Works Department both values and utilizes technology to manage its valuable resources.”

Chris Toth
Wastewater System Manager
City of Santa Barbara, CA

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