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There’s Nothing Average about CMRPC’s Pavement Management Program

The Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission

award-icon.pngOne of the core themes of the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission's (CMRPC) transportation planning program is maintaining its transportation infrastructure at its current state or better. To help accomplish this, CMRPC manages its pavement using Cartegraph and Esri technology. This combination of technology allows CMRPC to accurately collect and analyze asset data, perform various budget scenarios, clearly communicate data-driven priorities to non-technical decision makers, and transparently validate its use of funds to the public.


  • CMRPC successfully created a pavement priority strategy for identifying the current condition and future replacement needs for pavement segments with OCI rating in the bottom 10 percentile of the organization’s predefined condition/repair limits.
  • Using its Operations Management and GIS technologies together to map and inspect its segment inventory, CMRPC is able to justly and efficiently identify segments in need in replacement and repair.
  • According to CMRPC, this ongoing prioritization process helps decision-makers see the importance of infrastructure maintenance and ensure that limited funds are distributed among diverse locations and projects.

“This award reaffirms the value of the time and investment by CMRPC staff to create a transparent and data-driven decision making process which was made possible using the robust asset management  package developed by Cartegraph.”

Sujatha Mohanakrishnan
Transportation Engineer
Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission

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