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Thought Leadership and ROI on the Prairie

Enid, OK

award-icon.pngThe City of Enid has emerged as a thought leader in the municipal industry through its focused, data-driven approach to achieving a return on their organization's technology investment.  Enid understands the importance of sharing data among multiple departments and levels of management, and consistently looks for new ways to use technology as a means to improving the way the city does business.

Here’s How They Do it

  • Enid is extremely enthusiastic about creating new processes and developing best practices, and routinely engages its staff in making these organizational advancements successful.
  • Enid works closely with its departments and with 3rd party providers to discover better, more proactive approaches to work, asset, resource, and request management.  Most recently, the city partnered with Cartegraph in the development of an app that makes solid waste collection more efficient.
  • Enid’s data-driven approach to managing operations has established the city as a thought leader in the municipal industry and a case-in-point example of best practices at work, and city representatives are always willing to share insight with its industry peers.

“I feel honored as one of the recipients of the 2013 Excellence in Operations Management Award.  The City of Enid is a very progressive city that is embracing automation and technology.  The City’s commitment allows me to embrace such technology and work with different entities to achieve this goal.  In addition, I also have to thank the employees of the City of Enid.  They have also embraced the change and have taken an active part in making this change such a success. Cartegraph has been a great ally in achieving our new ideas and embracing them as part of our daily routine here at the City of Enid.  Collaboration, productivity, and confidence has made an outstanding product which has enabled the City of Enid excel in operations and management.  Thank you for the award and we intend to keep striving towards new ideas and technologies.”

Robinson Camp
Deputy Director of Public Works
City of Enid, OK

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