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5 Automations to Drive Efficiency and Reduce Data Errors

High-performance governments know in order to be efficient, they need to accomplish more with less energy. For this exact reason, we created Automation Manager for Cartegraph OMS.

At its core, Automation Manager lets Cartegraph do the heavy lifting for you. If there is a repeatable action, the system can perform it without any additional steps by the user—saving you time, keeping you organized, and reducing data entry errors.  

Automations can be configured to create records, send email notifications, verify data, update records, and perform bulk edits. The goal of this feature is to build a platform that drives efficiency and makes you—our users—more productive every day.

The best way to explain and showcase the power of this feature is to provide examples of Automations that can be configured.

Here are five scenarios that can be easily solved by using Automation Manager:

  1. Send an email to the department supervisor when a task is overdue.
  2. Provide an error message to the user if they are attempting to create a task on an asset that is retired.
  3. Once a task with the activity of tree removal is completed, create a new task to grind the stump and assign the task to Jim Stevens.
  4. Create a task to perform street sweeping on Main Street every Monday.
  5. Update all the pavement segments on Main Street to the pavement classification of Asphalt, Speed Zone to 25 mph, and the number of lanes to two.

The options above only scratch the surface of the power and capability of Automation Manager, and we’re confident this tool will help your organization create more impact for your citizens with less work.

Want to learn more about this feature? As always, Cartegraph Campus is your one-stop shop for all the content you need to make your use of Automation Manager successful.

This feature requires a Cartegraph OMS license.

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