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Analytics Dashboard: Your Gateway to Visualizing and Understanding Data

An essential tool for organizations to analyze and act on the operations data captured within Cartegraph is our Analytics Dashboard. As the first page presented to users upon entering the system, the dashboard is a gateway to visualizing and understanding complex data. When users first sign in to Cartegraph, they are presented with a real-time view of the data that is most valuable to them.

One of the core principles of the dashboard is that it had to be easy to use. Getting data out of the system should be a breeze, and hours upon hours of user-experience design and research went into ensuring creating new gadgets and organizing existing gadgets was very simple. For example, new gadgets can be added by any user with just a few clicks.

Another core principle of the dashboard is that it needed to be configurable. Key user feedback we heard on the previous dashboard was that it should be more flexible and built around the specific needs of each user. Dashboard gadgets can now access data across the entire Cartegraph system, and be grouped and measured in countless ways. This puts power in the users’ hands to build custom gadgets that visualize and showcase the data in the most impactful way.

A common question we receive at Cartegraph is, “We’ve been collecting great data—but now what?” With the Analytics Dashboard, you can now utilize your data to answer questions that may have not been possible before with traditional analyzation methods.

Below is just a small sampling of gadgets that can be created using the dashboard.

  • Percentage of money that is being spent per department.
  • Average cost of my activities over the past 12 months.
  • Percentage of tasks that are reactive vs. proactive.
  • Display the number of labor hours I have entered today, this week, or this month.
  • Top service request issues by council district.

The Analytics Dashboard has been initially released under the Cartegraph Labs program. This program allows us to showcase cutting edge technology and release it to our users earlier. This allows us to build a better product while you get access to the valuable functionality sooner. 

The dashboard’s journey has just begun and we don’t plan to stop here. Good or bad we want to hear your feedback and it will go a long way in shaping the future of the dashboard.

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