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Improve Disaster Preparedness for Local Governments

Disasters strike unexpectedly. Evolving technology allows local governments to respond better to unexpected emergencies, and more often than not, the aftermath of an emergency event is defined by the response of public safety personnel.

“We have established disaster relief plans.”

Though local relief plans provide a basic blue-print, large-scale events like Hurricane Katrina reflect the recent need for a re-examination of disaster preparedness plans as well as the depth and scope of those plans. Technology’s rapid evolution allows local governments to make positive changes in their emergency responses.

"So how can technology enhance disaster preparedness for local governments?"

The ability to communicate with the public and respond to compromised assets quickly can mean the difference between an effective response and one that is inefficient. This Whitepaper was written to help local governments understand the advantage of applying EAM strategies and technologies to their disaster response plans.

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