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An Open Letter to Our Cartegraph Customers

I’ve been reflecting lately on the start of my journey with Cartegraph. Upon joining the team, my first order of business was to meet with as many team members as I could. I wanted to get to know them, gain an understanding of our culture, and learn their perspective on the business.

In those conversations, I heard loads of enthusiasm for the team, our product, our culture, and our mission to create high-performance government. But, the overarching theme, the message that echoed through every one of those conversations, was how inspired they were by you, our customers.

They’re energized by helping you solve problems, by crafting solutions that meet your needs, and by partnering with you on your journey to high-performance government. This enthusiasm was contagious and confirmed that I had come to the right place.

I was excited to be joining a team that shared my values. I was impressed by the growth mindset they demonstrated. And, I was inspired by the deep sense of empathy that pervades our culture.

"This strengthens our communities, makes our country stronger, and solidifies a better future for all of us." 

Then, I got to meet several of you, and it all came together even more clearly. I was invigorated by how creatively you use Cartegraph OMS to improve your work. But, what resonated with me the most from these visits, was how deeply you care about the local communities you serve.

This was truly inspiring because the work you do really matters. As a nation, we’ve invested trillions and trillions of dollars into our infrastructure. And, over the coming decades, we’ll have to put in trillions more. Everything from the competitiveness of our economy to the safety of our families depends on the health of our infrastructure.

So, when you become better stewards of that infrastructure, our tax dollars go further. And, we get safer and more useful roads, bridges, playgrounds, and water supplies. This strengthens our local communities, and, in turn, makes our country stronger and solidifies a better future for all of us.

Having spent so much of my career serving the private sector it’s a great feeling for me, personally, to know that all the hard work and sacrifice we put into making Cartegraph successful actually helps you make society better.

In our ongoing effort to better serve you and support your efforts, there are four areas that we’ll be focusing on in the coming months and years.


No one buys software because they like the way it looks on the shelfYou buy it because it does something for you. It serves a purpose or solves a problem. And, that only happens if you use it and make the most of what it has to offerFor that to happen, implementation has to be successful, training has to be effective, and adoption has to be strong across the organization.

Cartegraph has always focused on these important factors—making a conscious decision to build the best support, implementation services, and training teams in the industry. We’ve expanded those efforts with the addition of a customer success team who is devoted exclusively to ensuring that you engage with the product, achieve your desired outcomes, and continually advance on your journey to building a high-performance government. It’s just one way that we focus on being partners with you, rather than just a vendor.


This isn’t new for us, but it is fundamental to what we do. We know many of you are entering budget season and need to figure out how to tell your story in a compelling way, so you secure the funding you need. That’s why we’re always improving our product—making it easier and easier to track the condition of your assets, giving you the tools you need to effectively plan, provision, and track the work you do on those assets, and serving up powerful insights so you can show value in a compelling way.

For example, we’re hearing great feedback on the configurable dashboard with flexible gadgets that enable you to monitor the things that matter to you. We’re giving you the power to create long-range budgets and plans with Scenario Builder. And of course, we continue to expand our industry-leading integration with Esri so you can leverage powerful features like ArcGIS Insights with Cartegraph OMS.

"You are doing work that matters. You are building more resilient communities. And you are positively impacting millions of lives."


As all too many of you know, no one wins when your data is held hostage in a siloed, inflexible, mega-system or when you’re forced to use a sub-par solution because it’s part of a suite that some other department is using for its purposes and wants you to consolidate on it.

At Cartegraph, we know we can’t be all things to all people. Instead, we choose to focus on the things we do best. This means we’ll continue to invest in a modern, highly-secure, open architecture that allows data to flow securely and freely into and out of Cartegraph. It also allows Cartegraph to interoperate seamlessly with other software platforms, so you are free to select the best possible solutions to meet your needs.

In the coming months and years, you’ll see us leaning in on partnerships—teaming up with leaders in their space who share this open philosophy to deliver comprehensive solutions that are truly best-of-breed, across every function.


In the spirit of being a good partner to you, we are vigilant about monitoring relevant, emerging technologies. The ones I get most excited about these days are augmented reality, computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence—which all happen to be in the middle of a very exciting period of accelerated innovation.

Combining these technologies with Cartegraph’s native automation capabilities opens up some very powerful opportunities. Some of these are already happening today:

  • Using augmented reality as X-ray vision so street crews can see underground water & sewer assets
  • Capturing asset data by simply snapping a photo on your phone
  • Using sensor data to drive work for streetlights and sanitation

And the future possibilities, even in the near-term, are inspiring. What if OMS could use your historical data to start making your life easier?  What if it could adapt and streamline data entry with the help of smart suggestions? Or if we could leverage the data from IoT devices to automatically drive work plans? That’s where we’re headed and I couldn’t be more excited.

Bottom line: You inspire us to work harder and continually find ways to serve you better. You are doing work that matters. You are building more resilient communities. And you are positively impacting millions of lives. Thank you for all that you do. And thank you for trusting us to be a partner in your journey.

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