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Transition Your Staff Successfully With Extended Support

You have been live with Cartegraph’s (OMS) for just over a year. Your team is excited about being able to capture real-time infrastructure maintenance data on their mobile devices and having it update automatically. Work is being assigned, resources are being entered, and tasks are being completed. And you can see it all yourself in Cartegraph.

The Cartegraph implementation team did a fantastic job of getting your team ready to collect and enter your work and asset data into Cartegraph. Now, you're ready to expand your use of Cartegraph, but you don't know what to do next. Cartegraph Campus is great, but it does not give you the personal touch you had during implementation.

Cartegraph Extended Support may be the answer for you. Below are some of the service features and deliverables you can expect with having your Cartegraph implementation specialist spend time with you and your team in the years following your implementation.

  • A dedicated project manager who will coordinate services and help keep things on track
  • Up to 4 hours of online discovery and review
  • Two- or three-day on-site engagements, which can include:
    • Work and asset management consultation and recommendations
    • Training on upgraded features or more advanced functionality
    • System configuration support

Praise From Your Cartegraph Peers

Here are testimonials from other customers who have taken advantage of Cartegraph's Extended Support and the benefits they have seen from having Cartegraph as a partner with them after going live with the software.

Cobb County quote.png

Employee Training

“OMS is really different from Navigator—we instantaneously went from distributing work orders on paper to tasks on iPads. Having Joe come back on-site through Extended Services helped our staff make that transition successfully."

Overall Employee Enhancement

"Having scheduled on-site sessions prods us to evaluate our current workflows—what is working, what’s not, how can we improve them—sort of a health check of our implementation."

"We have in the last 5 years a lot of turnover at DOT—but Joe has been here—he understands our organization—who the people are and what they do."

"Sometimes users will tell Joe issues they are having before they tell us."

"Joe provides that personal connection between us and the company. I feel that he is our advocate."

"Joe can help us understand how to apply our ideas to standard business practices via the OMS application."

"The on-site agenda can be very flexible—can be a routine check-in with each division or work through specific new ideas."

Software Updates Reviews

"Joe can highlight for us what’s new in the new releases."

"Joe can give us insights on how to implement improvements to workflows and then can follow up on that at his next visit."

Administration and Technical Assistance

"Cartegraph technical support is outstanding—Extended Support helps us put the pieces together—the big picture—to keep us moving forward in managing our assets and citizen requests efficiently."

"We have about 100 users at Cobb DOT—I believe we have been successful with OMS and a lot of that has to do with the Extended Support Services.”

Fox Valley quote.png

Overall Employee Enhancement

“With Joe, it is extremely valuable to be working alongside each other, face to face to iron out or dig deeper into the different facets of Cartegraph.

"Having on-site support helps myself as a champion learn new ways to approach Cartegraph instead of over the phone."

"The on-site support has benefited our field users tremendously. Because of the flexibility in our on-site schedule, we are able to break the visit into small groups for more department-specific questions and customization."

"With extended support, we are able to bring up real-life questions and examples and get them sorted out immediately."

Employee Training

"The biggest benefit to the district for extended support is having a representative in real time while our day-to-day operations are going on and being able to address issues. As well as using it as a training session for the champion to gain more understanding of Cartegraph and dive deeper into reports or areas of uncertainty.”

City of Conroe quote.png

Employee Training

"The employees seem to learn more from Ginny than their coworkers or myself. The employees ask many 'how do I' of her."

Software Updates Reviews

"[Ginny] can quickly review and bring all employees up to date of the enhancements and answer their questions."

Overall Employee Enhancement

"Employees benefit from one-on-one time since we don’t have that much outside of her visits. [This ] makes our employees better trained and able to enter data correctly."

Administration and Technical Assistance

"Great assistance for us to accomplish our 'dream' lists and to-do lists. She assists on many items that we get stuck on. She reviews things we have done and can point out shortcuts or enhancements that we have missed."

To hear more about how Cartegraph's Extended Support can help you, please contact your account executive.

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