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3 Tips to Streamline Your Enterprise Software Purchasing

As a relationship manager with Cartegraph, I’m in the business of building high-performance governments. My goal is to help people in government operations—just like you—become more effective, more efficient, and more productive for the benefit of their citizens.

If you're rubbing your forehead right now and you're thinking, "This guy would probably laugh if he really knew the way we do business at ____," don't worry. You're not alone and I won't laugh! 

Before Cartegraph, many of our users never knew exactly how much money they were spending on their staff, their equipment, their materials, their assets, or their infrastructure. Additionally, our customers have frequently shared that they never knew how much money they were losing because they did not have an operations management system to accurately capture their work and asset data, analyze it, and prepare for the future.  

From public works and engineering to water utilities and emergency management, one thing rings true: there has to be a less complicated way of buying enterprise software. So, in the spirit of high performance, how does your city, state, county, or special district purchase Cartegraph software quickly and easily?

Here are my top three tips:

  1. Find and leverage your existing contract with NASPO. The NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Organization provides the highest standard of excellence in public cooperative contracting. By leveraging the state-wide leadership and expertise with the purchasing power of their public entities, NASPO ValuePoint delivers reliable, competitively-sourced contracts at the best value. You can find the existing NASPO Contract (Software VAR SHI Master Agreement) applicable to every government entity across the county by visiting their website now.
  2. Finance your investment through U.S. Bank. Thanks to our first-of-its-kind finance agreement with U.S. Bank, you can now lease our “business critical” software to overcome budget challenges and manage your cash flows. Your finance director might even surprise you—and make your life even easier—by confirming your organization is already financing other equipment through this program. For more information, call (800) 253-3468 or visit the U.S. Bank Government Leasing and Finance Group web page. I can also point you in the direction of your U.S. Bank regional vice president. If you need my support, simply shoot me an email at
  3. Connect directly with Cartegraph. As I mentioned above, our entire Cartegraph team is devoted to helping people in government operations become more effective, efficient, and productive. If you have any questions or are looking for more information, feel free to email me at I'll start you off on your high-performance journey by quickly connecting you with the right Cartegraph point of contact.
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