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Facility Management Minutes Episode 2: Brian Cullis

This is the second episode of our Facility Management Minutes series. In these videos, we discuss facility management career paths, the development of CAD and BIM standards, facility lifecycles, facilities management software, GIS, total cost of ownership (TCO), the future of the facility management industry, and more.

Our second interview guest is Brian Cullis. Brian started his career teaching geography at the US Air Force Academy where he learned a deep appreciation of the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Brian applied his understanding of GIS and organizational psychology as he started and grew the Air Force GeoBase program to be the first service-wide programmatic approach to mapping defense installations. This standardized approach allowed the Air Force to roll up facilities and infrastructure information from the base to the command to the service worldwide and to allow personnel to easily transfer from one theater to another without retraining.

Brian took what he learned at the Air Force to the Pentagon and helped establish the Defense Installation Spatial Data Infrastructure organization—using geo-spatial data to support the work of the Base Realignment and Closure Commission. Since 2006, Brian has worked in the private sector, consulting with clients about what it takes to build and operate successful and resilient infrastructure information programs.

Watch the full episode to learn about:

  • Understanding the Challenges with Geospatial IT Adoption
  • Establishing the GeoBase Program
  • One Base, One Map - Reconciling Different Perspectives
  • Characteristics that Distinguish Successful Program Managers
  • Mission & Scope of Defense Installation Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Ensuring High-Quality Geospatial Data
  • Location & GIS as the Organizing Principle for Different Business Data Sets
  • Shifting from Military to Private/Non-Military Industry - Culture Differences
  • How Org Culture Influences Information System Development/Adoption
  • Change and Innovation in Large Organizations