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Facility Management Minutes Episode 5: Dale Lutz

This is the fifth episode of our Facility Management Minutes series. In these videos, we discuss facility management career paths, the development of CAD and BIM standards, facility lifecycles, facilities management software, GIS, total cost of ownership (TCO), the future of the facility management industry, and more.

Our fifth guest in this series is Dale Lutz. He and his partner, Don Murray, founded Safe Software in 1993 to break down the barriers of data format and structure that were preventing good decisions from being made in a timely way by users of spatial data. Safe Software has built a strong following around the world and Dale has gained amazing experience and perspective by supporting so many different customers. 

Watch the full episode to learn about:

  • Data Interoperability Value
  • Aggregation Processes
  • Geospatial Data
  • Systematic Approach to Endpoint Integration and Reducing Risk
  • Components of a Universal Data Environment
  • Bridging Standard Innovation Gaps
  • Current and Future Data Trends