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How Simple Automations Are Saving Clay County Utility Authority $68K

The business world is quickly evolving, and the way organizations handle and process information has become challenging. Employers want answers quicker; customers want instant gratification; and employees want new systems to function better than the one being replaced. These were all challenges I faced when researching and implementing an asset management system to help my organization, Clay County Utility Authority in Northern Florida, better service our 200,000 residents and 53,000 customers.

I was comfortable with the features and components of Cartegraph’s Operations Management System (OMS), but received a pleasant surprise a quarter of the way through our implementation when I heard of the new Automation Manager functionality. I did some research on its features and became intrigued. Our implementation team moved us over to the new release, so I could begin testing.

I followed tips and suggestions, and steps outlined on Cartegraph Campus to create some simple automations. I continued testing and studying each of the different step types to see what each trigger could do (trial-and-error), and I was able to pick up on it quickly. After I understood the capabilities, I started analyzing our business processes to see where it could be used. Read Daniel John's, GIS manager with Clay County Utility Authority, full blog post here for his step-by-step process. 

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