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What’s New in Cartegraph OMS

Summer 2018 Release

Addressing 11 user ideas and 91 votes, the Cartegraph OMS Summer 2018 release is all about giving you more. More flexibility. More interactivity. More impact. From a new Analytics Dashboard gadget and library search capabilities to increased task creation limits and interactive work order maps, this release is all about boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of your day.    

Analytics Dashboard Enhancements: 

Thanks to your feedback, the Analytics Dashboard offers even more ways to see and interact with your data. Want to see overdue tasks at a glance? Keep tabs on assets under a certain OCI? The new list gadget has you covered. We’ve also added the ability to view and select all results in the gadget drill down, plus six new color palettes are now available for pie charts, and bar and column charts with multiple groupings to help distinguish differences in data. 

Library Search:

This one’s for all you Cartegraph admins out there. We know your individual libraries have hundreds—if not thousands—of records. Clear away the clutter and find the exact record you’re looking to edit with our new library search bar. No more scrolling. No more sighing. All text fields in the selected library are searched, helping you get in, get out, and get on with your day.

List Selection and Actions:

Become a master multitasker with increased selection and creation limits. With the Summer 2018 release, you can now select up to 2,500 records and create up to 2,500 tasks at once—even through the Spatial Analysis tool! We’ve also updated the wait spinner to show your real-time progress during the task creation process, giving you a better idea of what to expect. 

High five to Jason Fields with the City of Colorado Springs, CO for casting the first—but certainly not the last—vote on this one. With 50+ votes and comments, this suggestion broke our top 10 Ideas Portal list. 

Work Order Maps:

From special events to disaster recovery, work orders help your team easily manage and report on a specific group of tasks. We’ve elevated your work order experience by making the maps interactive. Home in on your planned, in progress, complete, or cancelled tasks by adjusting the filters. The colors on the map mirror the task status filter, helping you identify and analyze trends.

Additional Updates and Enhancements:

In addition to the updates above, here’s a few more reasons to get excited about the latest release: 

  • Scenario Builder just got smarter. We’ve added the ability to skip years between activities when adding an estimated OCI range trigger to a protocol. The result? More flexibility and accuracy when it comes to your projections. 
  • Faster navigation. You’ll fly through the system with up to 30 percent performance increases in map and list selection, viewing and creating records, and bulk create and complete tasks. 
  • Cleaner user experience. We made a series of small tweaks that are going to have a big impact. We’ve increased text sizes, updated icons, and adjusted list views, making it even easier to read and interact with your data. 

Click here to see a complete list of updates and enhancements.

Have a brilliant idea for a feature? Looking for an enhancement that wasn’t included in this release? Visit to submit a new idea to Cartegraph or vote on features submitted by other users. We work very hard to implement the features our customers are looking for, so be sure to tell us what you think!

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Spring 2018 Release

Addressing 22 user ideas, the Cartegraph OMS Spring 2018 release makes it even easier for you to analyze and act upon your operational data. With improved record searching, a Basic Report Designer, enhanced Analytics Dashboard features, and more, this release will help you navigate to and share your data faster than ever before.

Enhanced Searching: 

Find what you’re looking for in seconds with Cartegraph’s enhanced record search bar. A quick search examines ID or text fields in the system, and multiple values can be typed in to narrow your results. When searching for an address, suggestions will now automatically display to help point you in the right direction.  

Basic Report Designer: 

From solving problems to measuring performance, reports are key to communicating info and making data-driven decisions. We’ve listened to your feedback and this release includes a simple, straightforward way to build table and chart reports. With the new Basic Report Designer, follow a quick guided process to create just what you need—right in your browser. Want to get fancy later on? No problem: a basic report can be edited in the Advanced Report Designer at any time. 

Save and Share Gadgets: 

Last release, you fell in love with the Analytics Dashboard. Now, we’ve incorporated your feedback to kick this Cartegraph Labs feature up a notch. Save gadgets, remove anything you're not using, and retrieve it later from your Gadget Library with a quick search. Share the gadgets you’ve created with any user or role in a snap, and duplicate and edit a gadget shared with you to put your own spin on things.

Map Printing: 

Budgets are tight and we recognize you may not have the resources to power an entire department with mobile devices. That why we’ve added the ability to easily print a map from any detail or list view in Cartegraph. Set a custom title and orientation, and the map will even print out a handy scale and legend. Maps can now also be embedded in any report when using the Advanced Report Designer. 

With nearly 120 votes, this update was an Ideas Portal frontrunner and we’re thrilled to help make your operational data even more accessible. 

Additional Updates and Enhancements: 

In addition to the updates above, here’s a few more updates we think you’re going to love: 

  • Building the perfect gadget every time. With the new Gadget Previewer, get a live look at the gadget design and data before adding them to your dashboard. 
  • Viewing multiple data sets in a single Analytics Dashboard bar or column chart. You can also now visualize data over time, based on months, quarters, and years. 
  • Flexibility and clarity around Esri licensing. To learn more about our Level 1 and Level 2 Named User support, head this way. 
  • One less thing to worry about: Cartegraph for iPad no longer requires a new application when upgrading to a new version of Cartegraph.  

Click here to see a complete list of updates and enhancements.

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