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7 Common Challenges Facing Your Local Government and How to Overcome Them

Your citizens are depending on you to improve their quality of life by using resources responsibly and spending their tax dollars smarter. However, even with your best efforts, there are seven common challenges that may be complicating your local government operations and negatively affecting citizen satisfaction and service delivery.

  1.  Losing tasks in piles of paper work orders
  2.  Relying on whiteboards and sticky notes to keep track of work
  3.  Entering redundant data in multiple systems
  4.  Creating data silos with disparate spreadsheets for each department
  5.  Lacking data to back up your budget requests
  6.  Leaving FEMA dollars on the table after a disaster
  7.  Dealing with audits that uncover deficient recordkeeping

If you’re wide-eyed reading this thinking, “That’s me! How am I going to overcome these challenges?” Great news, we created an Introduction to High-Performance Government that outlines your journey to becoming a more effective, efficient, and productive organization.

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