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Innovation: Making It More Than Just a Government Buzzword

How do we speed up government? We stop talking about our fear of change and start talking about our fear of doing nothing. We find the courage of our convictions, and use pilot projects to make incremental changes that can reduce our individual risk and transform our organizational culture.

In this podcast episode of Strong Town's It’s the Little Things, Nick Kittle, author of Sustainovation and Cartegraph government performance and innovation coach, walks through the weeds of innovation with Jacob Moses, illustrating how government can innovate from the perspective of someone who has been there and done it.

Think your local government is slow to create meaningful change? Then you'll definitely want to carve out 30 minutes and give the episode a listen. Nick shares his insights into the shifting landscape of government innovation, helping your team  expand your thinking around community dilemmas and develop a community that embraces change.

You'll also learn expert tips for getting your pilot programs off the ground and cementing the concept of innovation into your government culture. After all, with a handful of tools, any community can begin to transform how its culture works and how it redefines risk to more truly reflect the world we live in. This is how we build vibrant, thriving communities that are resilient for the 21st century!