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How to Manage Operations Across Multiple Departments

Anderson County, SC

award-icon.pngAnderson County earned a 2013 Excellence in Operations Award for its commitment to creating and implementing a multi-department system for managing the county’s day-to-day operations.  In addition to the best practice processes and overall data integrity that this system has created, Anderson County is leveraging its technology to engage citizens and provide a higher level of transparency with regard to how it manages its operations.

Here’s How They Do it

  • Anderson County was one of the first municipalities in its region to start utilizing Cartegraph web-based operations management technology to manage its day-to-day work and operations.
  • As a part of its Cartegraph use, Anderson County is utilizes a 311 citizen request app to intake and manage citizen requests and increase transparency.
  • In the near future, Anderson County hopes to have 11 of its internal departments using the system to collaborate, communicate, and streamline the management of work, assets, resources, and requests.

“Anderson County is honored to be recognized for our efforts to modernize our organization.  Each member of our organization has played a vital role in re-inventing how we manage our work, assets, and resources.  Our new OMS system has given us the tools to do this.  We also appreciate the support and guidance from everyone at Cartegraph, not just for software, but their knowledge of how other public works agencies operate.  We’re not where we want to be yet, but we are improving our processes and procedures every day.  When all 11 of our departments fully utilizing the power of OMS, we will be able to better communicate with our citizens, funding needs with our elected officials, and stream line how we do business.”

Holt Hopkins
Deputy County Administrator
Anderson County, SC

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